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Pauter 4340 Billet Rods for Import

4340 BILLET RODS Different - by Design

Years of hands-on experience, working with rods of all shapes and materials, of all types of racing and racing-related abuse, with design failures (and successes), has resulted in a fairly comprehensive file on just what works - and what doesn't - on the subject of high performance connecting rods. From this body of knowledge we have selected and incorporated the elements into what it is we think a great rod should be. Right off, our rod looks different, that's obvious, but for some not so obvious and very good reasons.

For starters, the simple beam design completely eliminates thin and non-uniform cross sections over the total length of the beam. This feature greatly improves resistance to crack-induced metal fatigue. In addition, the non-tapered profile of the beam helps to spread potentially harmful stress over a larger area, dispersing instead of concentrating these destructive loads. The design also efficiently places needed material in critical transitional areas, giving maximum support exactly where it is needed (such as directly under the wrist pin). The streamlined contour also provides subtle benefits in the form of windage reduction and breather/catch can function (so our customers tell us). The main beam rib itself continues around the wrist pin boss, perfectly integrating the beam to the pin boss, a small, but important contribution to overall structural unity. Pauter rods are indeed, different by design.

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4340 C'moly steel SCHEDULE A
                  l ist      racer net

Price each 256.00 246.00
Set of 4 1,024.00 984.00
Set of 5 1,280.00 1,230.00
Set of 6 1,536.00 1,476.00
Set of 8 2,048.00 1,968.00
Set of10 2,560.00 2,460.00

4340 C'moly steel SCHEDULE B
(Exotics)   list      racer net

Price each 320.00 296.00
Set of 4 1,280.00 1,184.00
Set of 5 1,600.00 1,480.00
Set of 6 1,920.00 1,776.00
Set of 8 2,560.00 2,368.00
Set of 10 3,200.00 2,960.00
Set of 12 3,840.00 3,552.00

Connecting rods for:

    Audi     Acura/Honda     BMW     Dino Ferrari 246     Ferrari 308     

    Hyundai Accent/Scoupe          Mazda/Ford     Mini Cooper 1275S     

    Mitsubishi     Nissan     Porche     Saab 900 Turbo     

    Suzuki Swift, Metro 4-cyl. 1.3L         Subaru     Triumph Spitfire 1.3L     

    Toyota       Volkswagen     Volvo B20    

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