Used Automotive Engine Rebuilding Machines and Equipment for sale

69 E. 580 N.
Santaquin, Utah 84655
1-801-754-5338 or Toll free 1-866-700-5877

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Ron LeMmon
Ron's Precision Machine, Inc.
69 E. 580 N.
Central, UT 84737
1-801-754-5338 or Toll free 1-866-700-5877
Toll free 1-866-700-5877
Subject: Automotive Industrial Engine Rebuilding Machines and Equipment for sale.

List and prices of machines and equipment for sale:
1. K-line valve guide installation tooling and other tooling (for guide liners) - list of what is left:
DCR-D sleeve driver (hand), Goodson DCR-62-kit, valve guide brush, quality 38 of the #1821 bullet (K-line) valve guides, DCR-R - New Goodson Boring reamer, KL1608RT K-line 8mm guide installer & guide removal tool, K-Line (old style) guide install kit with reamers & knurlers, etc. for 516" guides, 6.6mm K-line Kit complete KL1606RX + extra swedges, 11/32" + 5/16" + ?6.0mm guide install (air) + 3/8" or 11/32" guide removal tool (air) + guide boring reamer (?5/16"), 7/16" guide install kit - complete KL1603RX, 3/8" KL1602 - mostly complete, 6.6mm KL1606 - reamer + install + removal tool, and K-line full set of seat centering (cones) to center seat to guide for boring guide (fits over boring reamers) KL9910 (seat bushing kit). $700.00 for everything or best offer.

2. Sold.

Everything else is sold.

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